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Mental Health Counseling  

About Sarah

In establishing a positive therapeutic relationship that provides opportunity for growth and change, I believe that the first step is building trust and a connection. My goal is to help clients feel comfortable and at ease. I truly believe that everyone is capable of attaining the happiness and peace that they desire and deserve. It's is within all of us to get there and I see myself as a guide to help you explore such qualities within yourself.

I practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) within my practice. CBT is a therapeutic approach in which I help patients identify the negative thoughts that are influencing their state of distress. From their we can work together to look at situations from a different vantage point and alter the negative thoughts to a more positive way of thinking. This approach has been proven to be most successful in treating anxiety and depression.  


 I have been studying and working with adolescents for over 7 years in various settings including home-based, private practice, academia (middle school through post secondary), physical rehabilitation, and community centers including the Boys and Girls Club of Allentown.  Adolescence can be a a very trying time for many.  There are many factors that can influence the way that someone feels during this time including peer relationships, school, home life, extracurricular activities, and personal history.  I aim to explore the factors that are influencing the way that they way and help them to identify and a address the issue in an emotionally healthy fashion.  I place high value on a trusting relationship that i build with an adolescent client because I believe that such plays a major role in the success of counseling for them.


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