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Scott Desmond will be under the direct supervision of Licensed Professional Counselors as he works towards attaining Pennsylvania Licensure. At this time health insurance cannot be accepted, rather he will be offering services at a discounted rate. For more information contact Scott Desmond at or call 610-214-3141.

Sports can be a driving force for one's future, but sometimes athletes need a little extra support. Keeping your physical and emotional state in sync is a very important combination.

Whether an injury has occurred, or performance is an obstacle, or just thinking you need help working on staying focused, I can help work on some key components to get you back on track or just keep you on track.

My goal is to work with you to give you some exercises, ways to approach difficulties faced to continuing in sport or having sport coming to an end for whatever reason you are worth having a strong physical and emotional state.

I will work closely with some of the top licensed counselors in the area to make sure no matter the help you need we can work together to make sure you get it, the first part of getting help is asking for it.

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Scott Desmond specializes in working with athletes to focus on some of the various mental wellness techniques how they will take you through sport before, during and when it is over.

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Scott Desmond is a graduate of the Lock Haven University Sports Psychology Graduate Program and has a  vast amount of experience in working with young athletes. Scott is a former collegiate athlete and has coached youth sports, elementary through High School, for over 19 years.  Scott is well known in the wrestling community and is highly skilled in many aspects of the sport.

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Scott Desmond, MS


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